Friday, December 01, 2006

Another iPod Gadget: MiJam Guitar

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What's an easy way to play your favorite songs on a guitar? Now, there's an invention that can help solve this problem. An gadget called "
MiJam Guitar" lets everyone play the guitar in an easy way and it functions with any digital music device, so people can plug in their iPod or any MP3 players. Even stereo players and personal computers mayb be plugged into the guitar as well. The MiJam Guitar allows you to play it as a stand alone guitar, with or without background rhythms or just as an intrument with music. The guitar has tempo, pitch, and volume controls so it will always be in tune. Also, it males picking notes, riffs, and sounds. Being similar to a regular guitar, the MiJam Guitar has four sound styles including heavy metal, rock, blues, and bass. These sounds are easily used from a button on the guitar body. The fret board on the neck features four sensors to play the basic chords. This new guitar gadget for music devices cost around $26.99 and runs on 3 AA batteries. A MiJam Stage Mic could be added onto the guitar allowing you to be able to add your own vocals onto the music tune. It is sold separately with the cost of $14.99. This is another awesome gadget for iPod users and musicians to pratice their own music.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Featuring YouTube in Verison Wireless

As YouTube is getting more publicity, it's moving their videos to be viewable on cell phones for the first time under a deal with Verizon Wireless. I recently read online in Yahoo News an article, "Verison Wireless to Feature YouTube Videos" which relates to this matter. This kind of feature allows users to opload videos shot with their caera phones. The mobile YouTube service will b launched in early December and offered for no additional fee as part of Verizon's V cast service, which costs $15 per month or $3 per day. The companies didn't provide on exact launch day. Since the technologies being employed are stillbeing tested. Verison Wireless will feature a YouTube channel in its V Cast application, which is availible on 14 of the company's handset models. Like the website, the channel offers categories such as the most viewed or discussed videos from the YouTube site. If you want to opload a video shot on a Verizon handset to the YouTube website, users will use he same function, which is MMS, multimedia messaging service. Users will enter a short numeric code to send the video. The idea of having YouTube on your phone is a good, because that way we have another function to use on our hone when we're bored.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How Early Is Too Early???

Who has started their Christmas shopping? We're not the only ones as retailer stores has already placed up Christmas decorations and sales to attract shoppers. On the Advertising Age Magazine, an article, "Christmas comes but once a year--in october", it seems like the time of Christma is creeping earlier every year. Usually Christma would began after Thanksgiving, but consumers are finding out that retailer stores are stocking before Halloween. The first ones is the home improvement retailer, Lowe's, introducing a holiday campaign a full week before Halloween: Oct 23. As Bill Bruce, chief creative officer at BBDO New York, Lowe's agency stated into a quote "People are starting to shop earlier and they are tapping into that." There are some that are last minute shopping and others who are of consumers started to shop for the holiday season this year before Halloween compare to last year. This all started because of Walmart, where they posted holiday ads up three weeks to Nov. 1, last year. This year it has attracted many followers such as Macys and Best Buy. Also, Walmart has cut prices on 100 electronics this year to prevent their performance in 2004 and also to beat over target.

This article is quite true, because we as shoppers are starting to shop earlier fo the sales or to prevent the title of "last minute shopping". I've seen Costco put up Christmas decorations in early October when Halloween or Thanksgiving hasn't even ended. Christmas has been a holiday season to get retailer stores back on track with their sales of products. Also, it's the busiest season where retailer stores need people to work seasonal. They'be started hirng in October to them prepared for the holdays. The most important and big sale would Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day. It's the day people do most of their Christmas shopping. We've already seen ads on what products will be selling on that day. We have to admit that Christmas season is the only time where the market would earn our money. So, don't wait and go to Black Friday to get our shopping over with.

Monday, November 13, 2006

TVB: Television Broadcasts Limited

TVB, founded on November 19, 1967, was first aired in commercial television station in Hong Kong. It was and is still now the largest commercial Chinese program producer in the world, with a staff of about 4,500. It owns up to two free-to-air channels in Hong Kong name TVB Jade and TVB Pearl. It reaches out to the audience overseas Chinese communities within countries such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. TVB consists various actresses, actors, and singers. All of them are promoted and sponsored by managers that worked for the TVB company. The media company consists of the same variety of shows like the American television. There are shows such as chinese series (known as American soap operas), chinese movies, talk shows, music videos, games shows, award shows of movie and music, and etc. Many of the Chinese series are translated into Manderin and Vietnamese for people who speak those language to understand. Similar to the American television companies such as ABC, CBS, and FOX, TVB has competitors such as ATV: Asia Television Limited. But it's not as popular and it consist a smaller number of audience with low ratings on their shows. Also, similar to American channels, the TVB would boardcast news wheather its only Hong Kong news or World News.

TVB started off located on Broadcast Drive in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, but the company decided to build a studio complex name TV City. The project was finished in October 2003, where it can seat an audience of 630 and also became largest television production studio among commercial television stations in Asia. This year of the month November 19 would be the celebration of TVB 39th Birthday!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where Did the Taste Go?

What's our favorite fast food restuarants? Mc Donalds? Burger King? KFC? Wendys? Most of the fast food restuarants around are starting to move their food to using trans-fat-free oil. It's not like they want to, but its a must have to situation. For most fast food restuarants, this kind of change has been done, except for Mc Donalds. From the Advertising Age, the article, "Why McDonalds Hasn't Cut the Fat", McDonalds has promised since the year of 2002 that they will cut trans fats from their menus. McDonald's French fries were everyone's top rated favorites, but people are starting to place complaints of the how the fries didn't taste as good. Being aware of this, the company hasn't switched oils yet and assumes they will be facing the same kind of rejection from consumers in the past four years. Although McDonalds hasn't change their oil yet, they have been doing a dozen of tests with different oils. The CEO of disagress that zero-trans-fat changes the taste or texture and suggests in not telling people about the changes as it will influence in consumers thinking there is some change the taste. Even Baba Shiv, associate professor-marketing at Stanford University's graduat school of business agrees with this kind of strategy in changing the products quietly.

I feel that McDonalds hasn't been as popular like in the past. Even though, I do admit that I still see McDonalds almost everywhere, the meals and overall the fries aren't many of our favorite kind of food anymore. Even though I'm not a professional taster, I can even tell that the French fries are not the same as before. I don't understand what the problem may be since McDonalds hasn't even changed their kind of oil. I'm guessing it's how the employees make the French fries these days. But nowadays, we are more into healthy kinds of food, so McDonalds added some products such as chicken sandwich and salads for consumers to purchase. Other fast food restuarants are also upgrading their products to more healthier choices. It would be hard for these companies to change thieir menus since they had began with food considered as junk food.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Your Wishlist

Where can you keep track of the things you've ever wanted? Now, there's a website that functions as a notebook to write everything you want as a wish list. In the Yahoo news, they introduced a new way to format our wish list in the article, "Xmas Wish List Takes to Web". The Blue Dot is a social networking site offering a new way for people to share their wish list either its for the holidays, birthdays, and etc. The company, which was launched in June allows users to save and share information with other people such as their friends and family. The website allows users to search for the item on the web, add a comment, thumbnail image, and save the link for the item they would like to their wish list. Friends and family who visit people's Blue Dot pages can interact by having them asking questions or leaving comments. The free site was founded by Microsoft and Amazon, allowing people to link the products, services, articles, and etc. they would like. This allows users to look up their friend's referrals and recommendations online. Like MySpace, the site resembles a social networking program for the online community by sharing information about themselves, but not personal information. Blue Dot is one of the sites that protects privacy even when users have the access to other web pages.

Although this is not a great idea, it may be useful for people who wants to keep track of the things they would want. Another way this site can be useful is help people find gifts their family and friends want. Usually we don't know what they want or where to get it, but now it's easier to find out. Even though the site is open to public, it won't be as popular as Myspace or Facebook, since most people are more into blogging and somewhat sharing their personal information. The Blue Dot doesn't feature these functions, so it won't attract as much people. As for myself, I don't think I would use it because I wouldn't want to spend my time on that, but I prefer reading off of other people's site. Just like Myspace, I started out as only using it to look at people's Myspace, but now I use it for myself. If I see my friends using the site, I may be into it or else I wouldn't bother in using it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Nano Clone

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Samsung is coming out with a SGH-X839 Mp3 Bluetooth phone in Korea which the design appears to look like the ipod nano from Apple. The phone may be as an MP3 player or as a camera to take photos or videos. The phone includes a scroll under the screen. When you swivel the screen, it brings you to the keyboard divided into two sections. It comes in a variety of colors such as black, orange, blue, pink, yellow, and silver.

Even though the Samsung phone isn't as thin as the nano, there are many similarities within the design. Apple was the first ones who created their mp3 with circle shaped scrolls and now it seems like Samsung has copied that kind of design. Also, Apple's nano features various colors, which Samsung has done as well. Ever since the ipod came out whether it's the design of the scroll or the colors of black and white, a lot of mp3 and cell phones these days are copying these ideas. Nowadays, we are seeing more phones with the popular colors of black and white. For instance, LG's chocolate phone. Its black and also comming out with a white and pink color chocolate. I feel like a lot of the gadgets are in the same situation, such as the PSP, which comes in black and white. If Apple didn't come out with the ipod, the colors of black and white wouldn't become so popular as it is now. Apple has greatly influence the society on the upcoming gadgets.