Monday, August 28, 2006

As you can see, media is everywhere we go. They are the television we watch, magazine and newspaper we read, and the internet that we use. We are also the spread of media during our conversations with each other. A big investment in the media are advertisements. They attract people with their commericials on tv or radio and ads on the internet. There are many ways to attract people with different age groups. As for teenagers, they will aim at what they value the most, music stars. Teenagers, today, look upon their idols and try to dress like them. In order for the companies or clothing line to atrract people into buying their products are giving it out to the stars for free. These are ways to get people into wanting their products. Also, I've notice that in a lot of music videos you watch on mtv or vh1, you often see the cameras pause on a certain product. For example, a cell phone or shoes. They would focus on these to attract the consumers. These types of ads happens in movies, too. I feel like this is a really good way to capture people's minds, because I know it did for me. Especially when you see what the stars are wearing, I would get the desire of buying it. I feel that the advetising companies are getting smarter in attracting us into their products and aiming towards the teenagers, since we are the ones who usually get tricked easily.


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