Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Everyday, I consume many hours of media, whether its on the internet or television. Since our next blog was to talk about the kind of media consumer we are, I'll just take the survey that was hand out in class. I don't usually read, unless you mean like magazines. I like to read those fashion or gossip magazines, for example, star, cosmo, seventeen, and etc. I only read the books that is assigned in class, so the last book I read was Pride and Prejudice. I read that book and also watched the new and old version movie. I loved that movie, because I enjoy the love story. Sometimes, I read the newspaper, watch the news, or look it up in the internet. When I do, I look for the entertainment/movies, front cover, and business section. Music take role in my life everyday. I listen to it at school, home, in the car, and going out. When I start having my ipod, I stopped listening to the radio and cds. I usually listen to pop, r&b, and some chinese music. I use to watch a lot of TV, but now I watch it on my computer. Plus, I don't have a TV in my apartment. I would say that television and internet are the types of media I consume the most in my life. I love watching tv shows, movies, and music. I can get all of this from them. It usually influences me into what I want to get, for example, fashion. I would see how the celebrities dress, which makes me want to purchase what they have. The internet is the handy took to help me search for everything I need. I won't how to live without either one of these.


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Lilly said...

So, how would you characterize yourself as a consumer of medi?


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