Monday, September 11, 2006

Ever since the internet has been activated, it became a problem for the music industry. Then, Napster was invented and it was a major situation for them. Now, the question in everyone's minds is how can we stop people from downloading free music? There isn't really way, because its all about control and who can compete with the estimations of free. This is why I think advertising will work. There's always a way to influence everyone's minds. This is the reason how people got into downloading music illegally, because their friends or family were advertising it to them. In my opinion, I think showing more advertising campaigns about how downloading illegal music is bad on every single media you can think of. Also, you can have celebrities have a brief statement on that situation, because some fans would actually listen. A second idea is lowering the price of albums just a little bit, or you can do it just the first week the album is out. Sometimes I think they should add more creativity in the albums, because not much people are into the little booklet on the cover anymore. The record companies should get some sponser from other companies to see their products. They can get a small prize included in the album or find a winner of a grand prize. It should capture more people into purchasing the albums. Another idea is having the celebrities go around the world to see their albums. I'm sure the fans would love to face their favorite singer to buy the album off of them. They would think its more worth it since they also get to see their idol. The music company should think of more creative ways to capture the consumer's attention. I think these ideas will get the people to start buying albums again, but it won't totally stop everyone from downloading music.


At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Lilly Buchwitz said...

I'm not sure which of the questions you're addressing. Is it the first one? If so, you haven't really answered it.


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