Thursday, September 14, 2006

Everywhere you go, there are people who are reading books. Its either on the bus, at school, or on the streets. Books has been around for ages, growing its popularity since the 1600s. Now, in the 20th century, everything has changed such as technology, which evolved over the years. For example, music. From records, tapes, CDs, to mp3 where you would download off from the internet. This is the same situation for books. Now, they've created E-books, where you can download the books online and read them on your computer screen. This is the start in evolving books. In the future, I think the publishing world will evolve where everyone will have access to the books easily just like music. Since the books will be published online instead of print, it should save a lot of money. So the price of the books for you to download would be much cheaper. A negative side of this would be the effect on us when we stare at the computer too long. An obvious problem would be our eye sight. In the future, they might even try to fit books into like little mp3 players or maybe the opposite way where they make it on television. This way you can read it in bigger words.
I don't have a lot of favorite books, so that's why I don't own a lot of them. If I had a favorite book, I would read it to my grandchildren and pass it on to them one day. I'm sure most of us would do that, so there will never be an end to books. There are others who might even have a collection of books and would still prefer them than the new technology.


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