Thursday, September 07, 2006

I had just read an article in the advertising age, where a band ( OK Go) has gotten famous for their music video shown on internet. Their music video has now became the most downloaded music video with over 9 million downloads. Their song, A Million ways, attracted fans all over the world and started to buy copies of their music video. Their video contains a choreographed dance made by the lead singer's sister. From their downloads, they earn a profit from it. I thought this article was very interesting, because they started out becoming small, where only a few of their friends and family knew them. After they had created a music video of the song they made up, they became quite popular from people all around the world and not just the within their hometown. It reminds when we had our last class discussion how each type of media makes money. Most of the time, internet makes money off from advertisement. Since the internet is a popular type of media, it can easily catch people's eyes since everyone goes onto it. This is the reason why the band can get a big amount of fans and even earn money from their songs. The internet is a easy way to help advertise not only the companie's products, but people's music who we've never heard of. Youtube is a site that can get you known for really quickly since everyone in the world has access to the internet. Now, the band is planning to have a contest with Youtube to select their favorite fan film and the winner will perform the dance with them onstage at their concert. Its very interesting how much their music video has such an big impact on them and now it would be the beginning of their career. They will get more popular along the way.

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