Thursday, September 21, 2006

News on Paper vs the Internet

Is there a difference between the news we read on the paper every morning and online? Most people would think so, because usually the writing in the internet would be shorter and more brief than it is in the newspaper. For my experience, I bought the San Jose Mercury News on thursday and read some of the articles. Then I searched the articles on the Mercury News website. One of the articles I read was on the business section, "State sues U.S. carmakers for warming up the globe" by Sholnn Freeman. This article states the California filed a lawuit against the six largest automakers in the United States, where their car and truck's emmissions are causing global warming. This would be hurting the state's environment, economy, and dangering our health. The causes are from the amount of carbon dioxide contained in the vehicles that were made. This lawsuit is against General Motors, Ford Motors, the Chrysler division of Daimler Chrysler, Toyota Motor, Honda Motor, and Nissian Motor. The whole article states their situation and quote everything said. In comparision to the online version, everything was worded the same as printed on paper.
I read another article, where it's about spinach. When I searched it online, I noticed that the last paragraph on the newspaper isn't posted online. On most of the articles, they would state all the important details online, unlike the paper, where they also add on little details. In the internet, you get the most updated news and also different articles of the same topic. Also, they show many ads around the page, deals, and coupons. If I were to choose, I would read off of the internet, because its more colorful and it will get straight to the point of the article. I usually read the articles in the front page, where the pictures are in color. But when I get to the end of the paragraph, it bored me. I just wanted to know the important details, so I don't bother in reading the rest inside the section.


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