Monday, September 04, 2006

On our last class meeting, we were discussing about the issues of the music industry and record companies. Then the word "Napster" popped out. I just realize its been a while since I've remembered using it. Before Napster, I was like those music fans waiting for their favorite singers or band's albums to come out. I would always buy their cds at a high price even though I only liked a couple of their songs. I was introduced to Napster by my sister who downloaded about 1000 songs. I thought it was a good opportunity to get all the songs I liked without using money. People knew it was wrong to download, because they always thought it was stealing the music instead of sharing. I guess we weren't the only ones who thought it would cause a problem late on for the music industry and there were complaints about this situation. Fighting for years in order to shut down Napster has been successful. This didn't stop other people from opening new programs for people to share their music. After Napster, it was Kazaa. Finally, everyone has settled on Limewire. Are they going to try to shut it down too, since its doing the same thing as Napster. I, personally, don't think that sharing music is a big deal, because your just sharing your favorite songs with other people. Even if you don't share them, you could always record the song on the radio. Those are the ones that are popular hits from their albums anyways. Would that still be stealing?? Sometimes its confusing to understand what they mean by stealing and sharing. We can see that the generation has change from listening to the radio, cassettes, and cds. Now, majority of the people are downloading music from the internet whether they are sharing or buying it.


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