Sunday, October 08, 2006

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A Face in the Crowd, a 1957 production film, directed by Elia Kazan comes from a short story. "The Arkansas Traveler". The film opens when Marcie Jeffries (Patricia Neal), a radio reporter goes to the jail and finds an entertainer name Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes ( Andy Griffith)Lonesome lands a career in the radio show, attracting numerous listeners from his charm. As radio was soon being replaced into television, Lonesome is being introduced to be televised. His power of the media rises, he gets the offer to advertise a dietary supplement name Vitajex. Lonesome's fame grows and wins the heart from many young women, but leaving the woman behind him, Marcie. His popularity changes Lonesome to an evil minded and powerful piece of media to the consumers. He soon believes that he is the controller and have the ability to change people to think like him. Will Lonesome be able to get everyone to think the way he does?

The black and white film shows a sense of the time when television just started. As well as the plot is being setted accurately, the performance of Marcie and Lonesome was well performed. You would get into the character and feel the way viewers feel about Lomesome. Being absorbed into and powered into his words would get you influence into his mind. This helps us realize how powerful the media can be and perform as a propaganda. The movie gives us an understanding in a different view to look at. I would rate this movie an 4/5 overall.


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