Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Howard Stern, "The King of Media"

Howard Allen Stern, born in January 12, 1954, is one of America's most popular radio host. As being known as the "King of Media", he was elected into Time Magazine: The people who shape our world, ranked #7 in Forbes Magazine's 2006 annual celebrity 100 (lists the most influential celebrities inthe world), and awards for his performance in the story made into a movie, "Private Parts". Not only is Howard a radio host, he is a humorist, actor, and author with books name, "Private Parts" and "Miss America". Because his radio show is open minded with his honest opinions, he wins the popularity of audience, whose feedbacks are positive and negative. His radio show involves with guest speakers such ascelebrities, stippers, porn stars,and etc. If you have heard his talk show, you would his foul language where most radio host won't dare to use. For an uncensored talk show, he decided to move to a Sirius satellite radio. As many people enjoy listening to him, not all of his fans were wiling to move, having to pay $12/month.

As for me, I never heard of someone name "Howard Stern" until my mass communication teacher mentioned him. Then, I've noticed that my classmates has also heard of him or listens to his radio show. I was quite surprise how he could become so popular in America. So then I read some articles about him and even listen to some of his older radio shows on youtube. Honestly, it is quite interesting and funny. His insults are pretty much sexual when it comes to women. On everything else, he always insult or make a humor out of it. Although, there are a large amount who don't enjoy this, they know its just a honest opinion from him. I'm sure he has some influence in media, or why else would people still keep listening to his show. As for all I know, he is just helping people speak out the truth within people.


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