Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How Early Is Too Early???

Who has started their Christmas shopping? We're not the only ones as retailer stores has already placed up Christmas decorations and sales to attract shoppers. On the Advertising Age Magazine, an article, "Christmas comes but once a year--in october", it seems like the time of Christma is creeping earlier every year. Usually Christma would began after Thanksgiving, but consumers are finding out that retailer stores are stocking before Halloween. The first ones is the home improvement retailer, Lowe's, introducing a holiday campaign a full week before Halloween: Oct 23. As Bill Bruce, chief creative officer at BBDO New York, Lowe's agency stated into a quote "People are starting to shop earlier and they are tapping into that." There are some that are last minute shopping and others who are of consumers started to shop for the holiday season this year before Halloween compare to last year. This all started because of Walmart, where they posted holiday ads up three weeks to Nov. 1, last year. This year it has attracted many followers such as Macys and Best Buy. Also, Walmart has cut prices on 100 electronics this year to prevent their performance in 2004 and also to beat over target.

This article is quite true, because we as shoppers are starting to shop earlier fo the sales or to prevent the title of "last minute shopping". I've seen Costco put up Christmas decorations in early October when Halloween or Thanksgiving hasn't even ended. Christmas has been a holiday season to get retailer stores back on track with their sales of products. Also, it's the busiest season where retailer stores need people to work seasonal. They'be started hirng in October to them prepared for the holdays. The most important and big sale would Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Day. It's the day people do most of their Christmas shopping. We've already seen ads on what products will be selling on that day. We have to admit that Christmas season is the only time where the market would earn our money. So, don't wait and go to Black Friday to get our shopping over with.


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