Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Nano Clone

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Samsung is coming out with a SGH-X839 Mp3 Bluetooth phone in Korea which the design appears to look like the ipod nano from Apple. The phone may be as an MP3 player or as a camera to take photos or videos. The phone includes a scroll under the screen. When you swivel the screen, it brings you to the keyboard divided into two sections. It comes in a variety of colors such as black, orange, blue, pink, yellow, and silver.

Even though the Samsung phone isn't as thin as the nano, there are many similarities within the design. Apple was the first ones who created their mp3 with circle shaped scrolls and now it seems like Samsung has copied that kind of design. Also, Apple's nano features various colors, which Samsung has done as well. Ever since the ipod came out whether it's the design of the scroll or the colors of black and white, a lot of mp3 and cell phones these days are copying these ideas. Nowadays, we are seeing more phones with the popular colors of black and white. For instance, LG's chocolate phone. Its black and also comming out with a white and pink color chocolate. I feel like a lot of the gadgets are in the same situation, such as the PSP, which comes in black and white. If Apple didn't come out with the ipod, the colors of black and white wouldn't become so popular as it is now. Apple has greatly influence the society on the upcoming gadgets.


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