Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where Did the Taste Go?

What's our favorite fast food restuarants? Mc Donalds? Burger King? KFC? Wendys? Most of the fast food restuarants around are starting to move their food to using trans-fat-free oil. It's not like they want to, but its a must have to situation. For most fast food restuarants, this kind of change has been done, except for Mc Donalds. From the Advertising Age, the article, "Why McDonalds Hasn't Cut the Fat", McDonalds has promised since the year of 2002 that they will cut trans fats from their menus. McDonald's French fries were everyone's top rated favorites, but people are starting to place complaints of the how the fries didn't taste as good. Being aware of this, the company hasn't switched oils yet and assumes they will be facing the same kind of rejection from consumers in the past four years. Although McDonalds hasn't change their oil yet, they have been doing a dozen of tests with different oils. The CEO of disagress that zero-trans-fat changes the taste or texture and suggests in not telling people about the changes as it will influence in consumers thinking there is some change the taste. Even Baba Shiv, associate professor-marketing at Stanford University's graduat school of business agrees with this kind of strategy in changing the products quietly.

I feel that McDonalds hasn't been as popular like in the past. Even though, I do admit that I still see McDonalds almost everywhere, the meals and overall the fries aren't many of our favorite kind of food anymore. Even though I'm not a professional taster, I can even tell that the French fries are not the same as before. I don't understand what the problem may be since McDonalds hasn't even changed their kind of oil. I'm guessing it's how the employees make the French fries these days. But nowadays, we are more into healthy kinds of food, so McDonalds added some products such as chicken sandwich and salads for consumers to purchase. Other fast food restuarants are also upgrading their products to more healthier choices. It would be hard for these companies to change thieir menus since they had began with food considered as junk food.


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