Sunday, November 05, 2006

Your Wishlist

Where can you keep track of the things you've ever wanted? Now, there's a website that functions as a notebook to write everything you want as a wish list. In the Yahoo news, they introduced a new way to format our wish list in the article, "Xmas Wish List Takes to Web". The Blue Dot is a social networking site offering a new way for people to share their wish list either its for the holidays, birthdays, and etc. The company, which was launched in June allows users to save and share information with other people such as their friends and family. The website allows users to search for the item on the web, add a comment, thumbnail image, and save the link for the item they would like to their wish list. Friends and family who visit people's Blue Dot pages can interact by having them asking questions or leaving comments. The free site was founded by Microsoft and Amazon, allowing people to link the products, services, articles, and etc. they would like. This allows users to look up their friend's referrals and recommendations online. Like MySpace, the site resembles a social networking program for the online community by sharing information about themselves, but not personal information. Blue Dot is one of the sites that protects privacy even when users have the access to other web pages.

Although this is not a great idea, it may be useful for people who wants to keep track of the things they would want. Another way this site can be useful is help people find gifts their family and friends want. Usually we don't know what they want or where to get it, but now it's easier to find out. Even though the site is open to public, it won't be as popular as Myspace or Facebook, since most people are more into blogging and somewhat sharing their personal information. The Blue Dot doesn't feature these functions, so it won't attract as much people. As for myself, I don't think I would use it because I wouldn't want to spend my time on that, but I prefer reading off of other people's site. Just like Myspace, I started out as only using it to look at people's Myspace, but now I use it for myself. If I see my friends using the site, I may be into it or else I wouldn't bother in using it.


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